Jan. 20th, 2016

I won't say I have heat, because that will jinx it. But it's currently 82 degrees in my apartment for mysterious, unexplained reasons. This is incredibly wasteful and way too hot for me in the winter, but I figure that way if it cools down again in here, it won't be like walking on blocks of ice when I leave the warmth and safety of my bedroom. I guess the neighbors are having issues with their heat too, but more in terms of the ventilation not reaching their living room.

I have groceries! I should be putting those away. This time I remembered to get Nutella. I figure I deserve a treat.

Might see my parents this weekend. Don't really want to because I don't really want to go to their house which now only has one dog in it. I probably should, though; it would make them feel better and they have a gift from my grandmother to give to me.

The highlight of my day lately has been taking pictures of new cats in Neko Atsume. It's very soothing and unlike real cats it doesn't make me sneeze. Just met St. Purrtrick. Tubbs keeps eating all the food but he also leaves lots of fish, so okay, I guess you do you, dude.

Wrote a kind of depressing part of the Mob AU today. I should really do my chores before I keep writing but I don't want to leave Sans in such pain! Anyway, here's more of that -- nothing I wrote today, though; it's all Sans and Toriel scheming:

'Tell me who you need distracted, when, and where. I got a trombone, a hundred whoopee cushions, and ten gallons of rubber cement, and I'm not afraid to use 'em.' )



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