Hey! Thank you for writing for me this year! My letters are always super long; sorry about that. It was meant to give you options, not hem you in.

If you don't want to read it, don't bother. The tl;dr version: avoid my DNWs and include my requested characters and I'll probably be happy.

If you get stuck on our matched canon and want to try writing a different one, or if you need canon review resources, I have a separate post full of those.

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So here's the Hugo awards reading update literally no one asked for! I’m reading the nominated novels, or trying to. Will be reading/consuming as much of the nominated work as possible, although this year they've added an award for book serieses, and... I am probably not going to get through those before I vote, although I should def. read the Vorkosigan series at some point, now that I've forgotten most of the spoilers my mom insisted on telling me.


My thoughts so far on the novels... )

Crossposted from Tumblr when I wrote this up and realized no one on Tumblr will care. (Eh, maybe they will! I got one of them into Chuck Tingle by accident, that's almost like being interested in the Hugos?) But also I'd been meaning to return to Dreamwidth and just not... having done that, and this feels more like an LJ/DW entry than a Tumblr post, so here you go.

Also at some point I really do need to post pictures from Iceland. And like. Other things on Dreamwidth.
Hey! Thanks for writing for me! This is a super long letter, for which I apologize, but I basically took the likes/dislikes section off my last Yuletide letter and adjusted it, and that in turn was taken from a previous exchange letter, etc., so I've built up a lot of words knowledge of what works/doesn't work for me. Skip the likes if your eyes are glazing over; just avoid my dislikes and create something based on the song/video, and I'll be happy.

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So the past few days have been really astonishingly good.

I started posting my Undertale WIP to AO3, and it's been getting, uh, way more feedback than I ever expected, so

okay I can't pretend to be not excited anymore YOU GUYS I GOT FUCKING AMAZING FANART.

LOOK AT THIS. Um, spoilers for the fic, obviously but like ldksghsd I can't BELIEVE she illustrated the scene with Undyne yelling at Sans while he's on the hatrack omg, I just, sometimes I open the pictures at work and am like "someone drew this, improbably enough, because I wrote a thing." Just. AAAH. (The artist also does amazing stuff in clay and cloth, too.)


The other thing, which happened to me before I got THE SECOND BUNCH OF FANART (FANART! OMG!), is I spent my lunch break caaasually eating chips and reading about the lawsuit against Cassandra Claire, and I just felt like I was living the Fandom Wank dream. I mean... a.) that is super mean of me and b.) I'm not really sure this particular lawsuit has merit, but still.

Anyway, tomorrow is the start of a four-day weekend for the Illinois court system, so I am hoping to a.) do a lot of writing, and b.) get my apartment cleaned up and various housekeeping items done.

Oh, less fun: there was a brief relapse of heating issues, so I texted the maintenance guy and he... apparently thought flirting really badly was an appropriate response? Anyway I feigned ignorance and texted back "you're talking about the heater I'm sure!" but I'm not really all that keen on being in my apartment if he has to come again and fix it, and it usually breaks down when it's too cold to really go anywhere. I mean, I'll complain to the landlords if he gets weird, but goddamnit I just want to not freeze, that is all I'm looking for here.
Okay, so, uh.

I started posting my Undertale fic?

Wait why is that a question.

I started posting my Undertale fic!

Basically last night I posted a snippet to Tumblr, the (very kind) fanartist whose work inspired me to write this (theslowesthnery) reblogged it, and suddenly I had an alarming amount of notes. And I was like "oh I should link them to my journal and/or FFA, where I am posting this, so they can read it all. But I'm NOT GOING TO POST IT AS A WIP." And then I was like "Kaesa, you moron, you're fucking posting it as a WIP already, you're just posting it on FFA. If you want to share, share."

So, yeah.

It took some doing, because I had totally forgotten how to upload multi-chapter stuff to AO3. But I'm really pleased with the title I came up with! Just the first two chapters are up, and I'm keeping chapters short, because Undertale fandom seems to prefer short chapters and because it means I can update a bit more frequently without running out of buffer. I have about 20k written.

Never a Lovely So Real (4050 words) by Kaesa
Chapters: 2/?
Fandom: Undertale (Video Game)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Sans/Toriel, Papyrus & Sans, Frisk & Sans
Characters: Sans (Undertale), Undyne (Undertale), Toriel (Undertale), Papyrus (Undertale), Frisk (Undertale), Alphys (Undertale), Flowey (Undertale), Human Souls (Undertale)
Additional Tags: Minor Alphys/Undyne, Alternate Universe - Mob, Past Asgore/Toriel - Freeform, Alternate Universe - Prohibition Era, Hurt/Comfort, Moral Ambiguity, Bad Puns, Dubious Science, Unreliable Narrator

The city of Ebott, 193X. The market's down, the crime rate's up, and Sans is just trying to make a buck and keep an eye on his brother by working for the Dreemurr crime family. But after the Dreemurrs rescue a human child from their rival gang, the Flower Boys, Sans soon finds himself in way over his head.

(Well. Not that that's hard.)

So I have to admit partly I'm just posting this in the hopes that bitching about my heat will bring it back. That's how it seems to work, for some reason. I guess I'll text Hapless Repair Guy tomorrow and let him know it's still randomly cutting out. Have to admit my computer works better in the mid-60s, though. Man I gotta get this thing into the shop before it dies completely.

ANYWAY, IDK, I feel like I've kind of lost direction; my focus has been on this fic. In fairness this fic has not let up or bogged down or anything; every time I think it will it magically comes up with a solution to the problem I was going to run into. But yeah, I feel like aside from writing my dumb fic I haven't really been doing much of anything new or interesting. (I'm wondering if I could actually post the fic as a WIP and still have a regular update schedule, but that seems like tempting fate. Plus I don't have a beta.)

I did make chicken pot pie (sort of) tonight and that was really good, so I'll definitely be reusing that recipe, because my previous attempts at that have involved overly-elaborate recipes that you're supposed to make over like three days, and I never have three days in a row where I have the energy to cook, but I love chicken pot pie. (This one had, like, biscuits instead of a crust.) I'm glad I did that, although the main reason was because it used the oven and was therefore a way to keep my apartment a little warmer for that period of time.

Anyway, more Undertale fic. Then I'll make lunch for tomorrow, put some laundry away, and huddle in my room and write a super-tropey ridiculous installment of the fic. Also I'm going to have to come up with an entire mean-spirited standup routine about egomaniac robots. (Mettaton really should have let Sans take the night off.) Why do I do this to myself? Oh right, because it's fun.

Read more... )
So I think for some reason I just... lose heat every night around 11 pm??? I don't get it either. But it comes back sometime later, often when I'm asleep. It's very weird. I guess I'll let maintenance know but since it never cuts out at a time when anyone is on duty (and usually at a time when I don't want even an emergency maintenance guy coming by in a few hours) I'm not sure what to do. [Edit: okay it went back on, I hear it in the background. THE POWER OF COMPLAINING.]

BAH. Anyway. Um. /o\ I made dinner tonight (a delicious spicy shrimp dish) and will have leftovers tomorrow. Aside from that I wrote a bunch. I've been posting part of my Undertale mob AU to FFA once a post (ish) but I'm running out of buffer and someone said they really appreciated seeing some every post, so I was like MAN I NEED TO GET ON THIS. I'm happy with what I have right now, though today researching for it did result in me downloading Solitaire (they don't... have it on Windows 8??? They reintroduced it in Windows 10, though) and wasting a bunch of time.

I'm kind of bummed that my desktop's not up to handling Flight Rising right now because I mostly missed the Crystalline Gala, which I was super psyched for earlier in the year. :\ I really need to get this thing in for repairs.

Also, I forgot to go pick up my new glasses today. TOMORROW. I hope. But I finally remembered to open the package my aunt sent me (I got it like, the day my parents told me the dog died so I kind of just forgot it entirely) and it's this cute little solar-powered lamp! Still deciding what I want to do with it; might use it in my room.

IDK, today was not a very exciting day, but I got a lot written and I cackled over a bunch of it, and I'm really super excited to get to the cracky portion of the plot.

Also, I would like someone to write an Undertale/Star Wars fusion where Papyrus is the stormtrooper who defects. (I guess Flowey is Kylo Ren? At the very least, he and Kylo Ren should hang out and talk about the edgy mcedgelord OCs they designed when they were 12. Frisk is obviously Rey. I feel like Sans should be BB-8 because they are both round, cute, and don't do much except follow the protag around, although that makes the Sans & Papyrus relationship... way too different.)

Currently the only Undertale/Star Wars fusion is set between RotJ and TFA, and contains the tag "Some things will be changed to fit Star Wars theme" which just makes me envision the opening crawl as A LONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY, TWO RACES RULED OVER THE GALAXY: HUMANS AND MONSTERS, and the Star Wars theme is in the Dogsong soundfont, and then I can't take anything seriously at all.

Blah blah whatever. OH OH ALSO. If you want to nominate things for the Hugos, you have to register before 8:00 am GMT on February 1, 2016, although I think we have until the end of March to actually get noms in? Which is good because I need to do some reading. (Will probably concentrate on short stories, because I love short stories and wish they got more attention, and also that I could write them, hahahaha.) You can do that here for $50. (I could actually probably go to Worldcon relatively easily this year, but I'm not super plugged into the SF fandom scene and feel like my first con should be either attended with people I know, or not huge.)


MORE MOB AU. Under the cut is some unpleasant stuff: mistreatment of the narrator by the police, including brief but painful stuff to do with eyes, so maybe skip it if you're not up to those things. Also there's a pretty terrible physics pun.

This part's not real funny. Sure you don't want me to tell you stories about Papyrus instead? Well, all right. You asked for it. )
Wow, I have been terrible at updating. In fairness, I've been running around doing stuff that I fell behind on while my apartment was without heat.

Which is good, because it's without heat again! -______- OH WELL. At least it's been pretty warm out lately.

Other than that I'm pretty good. Figured out how to work around an issue with the Undertale fic. Which I'm posting more of. Yay! (Also, I'm sorry I'm lousy at replying to comments. Will try to get to that when I finish posting this, it's just that it's easier to post to both DW and LJ in Semagic.)

Uh, there's police brutality in this excerpt, so if you're not in the mood for watching shitty things happen to a skeleton that don't read it. D:

The first step to being a general nuisance is noise. You gotta be LOUD or else no one's gonna hear you over the sound of their own private lives, especially in this city. )
Okay, so, I feel bad not having written anything yesterday but yesterday was super busy!

I got an eye exam, so I could get a second pair of glasses, so that if I fall and break my glasses again at least I'll have spares. My prescription's changed a smidge, apparently. I like the new glasses, although I was kind of sad I didn't have the guts to get the bright green ones. (As I told the saleswoman, "I like them because they make me look like a supervillain! But. I probably shouldn't look like a supervillain at the office.")

Stopped off and got three sets of keys made from my dad's spare set. I will be finding places to put them so I WILL NEVER GO KEYLESS AGAIN.

Picked up a package from the post office! I ordered tteok (Korean rice cakes) so I could re-make some dishes I've made through Blue Apron. I feel super lazy having bought them online rather than going across town to get them, but in my defense when I say "across town" I mean way the hell across town. Anyway, I have a small supply of rice cakes for delicious food preparation. (They're not like those dry rice cakes you might be familiar with -- they're more like... noodles? or dumpling dough? IDK, they don't have an exciting flavor or texture but they're good mixed in with spicy meat and veggies and sauce.)

Then I called the restaurant where my grandmother took us and they HAD MY KEYS. My dad volunteered to fetch them for me (I was going to take the train out otherwise) and I will have them back probably Tuesday. In the meantime I have to rely on Paul to let me into/out of the office at least tomorrow morning, but Paul was understanding. Also, last time I lost the office keys he uh, sent me off with his and had me make like six spares. (The only nearby keymaking place I could find in the Loop was called the Key to Time; I assume this is what the White Guardian does when he's not running the nicer half of the universe.)

Today I picked up meds, gave Walgreens my new insurance information, and as a treat I went to a restaurant for lunch. This is silly but I get weirdly anxious being alone in public in places people usually go in groups/with friends (like the movies or restaurants) so doing that felt like an accomplishment. I also picked up a Star Wars action figure, because I Deserve Nice Things, and Finn is the nicest, although the action figure's face looks about 500% done with your bullshit. (They had a Poe but not a Rey at that Walgreens; if they'd had all three I probably would have gotten them all. Maybe I will nab Poe and order Rey on Amazon? They also had a Leia, though. Hmm. Well, next time I go to Walgreens I will evaluate my options. I do need toothpaste.)

So yeah, I guess this weekend was okay.

My therapist wants me to do some kind of memorial thing for Archie but everything in me is very much NO YOU CAN'T partly because if my parents ever found out they'd think I was totally unstable. Like, my mom is all "it's okay, you can cry!" right now but she has a strict time limit on being sad about a thing, and once you've passed it or you've exhausted your mom-mandated sadness energy she gets pissed off that you're hogging all the sad. And also, like. I don't even know what I'd do, and I just have so much shit to do right now that I can't afford to be weepy, and I sure as hell can't be weepy at work because while Paul's been understanding we have clients who are going through a lot and those conversations always go better when I can be sympathetic but calm and detatched and like, right now the client whose brother just died after about a thousand repeated horrible shitty things happening? If she starts crying I will cry too, and then she'll feel terrible. I can't do that. Also, on a practical level I keep fucking running out of kleenex.

Blah. I don't know.

The Undertale mob AU has been going splendidly despite the fact that I'm not totally sure where it's going right now. As I said on FFA, I'm enjoying the excuse to string a bunch of dumb jokes together and pretend it's a fic. I sat down and figured out everyone's ages in the AU today; they differ from the implied canon ages we have, mainly because I wanted Undyne to be a WWI veteran.

Just to set the record straight: it was a pigeon, not a chicken, and there was only one of 'em, and I wasn't there, and I don't know anything about it, and I have it on good authority that Papyrus was fifteen states away at the time. )
And then I lost my goddamn housekeys.

They're either at the restaurant, or on the El, or I left them in the door at the office. PRETTY SURE I didn't leave them in the door at the office, but who even knows lately, I'm a mess. /o\

Anyway I gave my dad spares because being absent-minded is like, my primary character trait, so he got them for me. But I still don't have my office keys, and the landlords didn't get me a working mailbox key for like three weeks when I first moved in, so I never got copies made of that either. Oh well.

I am giving up on today. Goodnight.
I am (hopefully needlessly) anxious about the heat, because it's gotten down to 72 and hasn't kicked in for a while now. 72 is a decent temperature, I just worry. It's been working fine until now, though.

ETA: IT'S FINE. I did always have trust issues.

Therapy tomorrow, then going to see my parents and grandmother after work. I'm still pretty numb. It's weird, and it's useful but I don't love it.

I'm going to get ready for bed in case the heat does cut out completely, because showering is nicer when it's not freezing in the bathroom. Not much interesting to report; I was almost efficient at work today.


Anyway, have more mob AU! In this bit we have, um, accidental, weird, unhappy Sans/Toriel. I have an elaborate backstory for how they met in this 'verse, but I honestly don't know how it's going to turn out because she's still married to Asgore and it's clearly not working but the humans think Asgore's still the mob boss. When I started writing this fic it was going to be 100% gen! But apparently not. Anyway, I posted part of this on FFA earlier, and people seemed to like it.

Do we have any kid-edible stuff in the apartment? What do kids even eat? I pick up the map and look at the kids' menu side, and frown at it. '...Boiled chicken? Spinach? Ain't kids got tastebuds these days?' )
I won't say I have heat, because that will jinx it. But it's currently 82 degrees in my apartment for mysterious, unexplained reasons. This is incredibly wasteful and way too hot for me in the winter, but I figure that way if it cools down again in here, it won't be like walking on blocks of ice when I leave the warmth and safety of my bedroom. I guess the neighbors are having issues with their heat too, but more in terms of the ventilation not reaching their living room.

I have groceries! I should be putting those away. This time I remembered to get Nutella. I figure I deserve a treat.

Might see my parents this weekend. Don't really want to because I don't really want to go to their house which now only has one dog in it. I probably should, though; it would make them feel better and they have a gift from my grandmother to give to me.

The highlight of my day lately has been taking pictures of new cats in Neko Atsume. It's very soothing and unlike real cats it doesn't make me sneeze. Just met St. Purrtrick. Tubbs keeps eating all the food but he also leaves lots of fish, so okay, I guess you do you, dude.

Wrote a kind of depressing part of the Mob AU today. I should really do my chores before I keep writing but I don't want to leave Sans in such pain! Anyway, here's more of that -- nothing I wrote today, though; it's all Sans and Toriel scheming:

'Tell me who you need distracted, when, and where. I got a trombone, a hundred whoopee cushions, and ten gallons of rubber cement, and I'm not afraid to use 'em.' )
I'm feeling better.

Not actually good, but better. My feelings kind of scabbed over and I'm a little numb. I was a bit of a mess earlier today because the heat went out again just before I went to bed and I was just feeling kind of... hopeless. It appears to be back on now although I am not going to say "it's fixed" because what if I jinx it. Nope, it dropped ten degrees somehow. HOW COULD IT POSSIBLY HAVE DROPPED THAT FAST??? WTF? Oh well. I'll try the circuit breaker reset trick and text the guy tomorrow morning.

Anyway, I know that the universe isn't actually out to get me and I generally have taken comfort in the fact that the universe gives zero fucks about me but sometimes has a weird sense of humor (and it's my job to figure out the punchline) but I'm a little worn out and every dumb thing feels like the last straw. Eventually I will be okay.

Escapism does wonders. I came up with a totally ridiculous way to incorporate Gaster into the Undertale Mob AU and I'm not sure if it's genius or terrible or terrible genius but I'll withhold judgment for now. And I wrote more?

(I have also written a bit of Alphyne fluff in the same 'verse, although I'm stuck on it because my inner editor wants it to have PLOT and my id wants it to have SWING DANCING and I can't get my inner editor to stfu so I can write the dancing.)

I realize to the vast majority of you this is like, "argle bargle argle UNDERTALE argle bargle gibberish" but it makes me feel like at least I'm not doing nothing but complain here? I think this was a bad time to start trying to post every day.

Does anyone have any cheerful canon recs? Preferably something in a medium I can listen to/read/watch/play on a tablet, since my desktop needs repairs desperately and is in the coldest part of my apartment.

And here's more of the mob AU, starting from where I left off Sunday:

'You got any idea what these specific instructions are?' )
I am depressed and feel totally useless. I keep being an idiot and reaching out to people who I know aren't going to respond, and then they don't respond and I'm like "oh nooo it's me they hate me" when in fact they're just doing shit like, uh, being too sick or busy to respond, or in one case being sick AND busy AND trapped in fucking Wyoming with a moving truck. (No offense to people who have chosen to go to Wyoming voluntarily. I've been to Wyoming! Voluntarily! It's very pretty. There are mountains, which always weird me out. But being stuck anywhere sucks.) And then of course I am lousy at thinking of anything to say to people who actually talk to me. (I am sorry. I really do like you, people I have ignored!) Anyway, unsurprisingly, that doesn't help at all. I did talk to my grandmother and my aunt today, so that was nice. Also the weird rash/bug bites I have seem to be going away, which is great because they're on my chin and neck and look really unsightly but every time I wear a turtleneck to cover them up they itch like crazy.

Anyway, I have therapy tomorrow and I always hate going into therapy and being like "Hi, I feel terrible." Even though regularly feeling terrible is one of the many reasons I need therapy, duh. IDK, I just always feel like there's some obvious cheat code to not feeling terrible (or whatever issue I am struggling with) and everyone else has it but me.

Re-reported my broken heat, as the thermostat looked like this today around noon. I kind of lost my temper and started allcapsing, but ffs the legal low temp in Chicago is 68 during peak hours and 66 at night. Then I went out and reset the circuit breakers and it worked... until now. And now I have to do it all over again. Was gonna take my computer apart today to maybe clean it out but felt too blah and cold for that. Supposedly tomorrow they're also coming to exterminate bugs.

Before I go, have some more Undertale fic. I did not write much and what I did write ended up being ...not what I wanted to happen, and I'm not sure if my dissatisfaction stems from my general bad mood today or because it is genuinely bad, so I'm holding off editing it out. But anyway, this is from before, when I think I was writing decent stuff. Again, this starts up where I left off yesterday.

I've never met him, but the Flower does not strike me as the parental type. )
Bleh. Spent the whole day thinking "why am I not asleep, I just want to be asleep."

I picked up a dozen cinnamon rolls on the way back from my haircut, though!

Also, wrote more Undertale mob AU. I'm a little shaky on Undyne's voice so far; making her a mobster changes her in that in canon she's very much about saving and helping people, and this is very much a world where unfortunately that involves a lot of illegal stuff. Humans treat monsters like shit, there's a nearby gang that appears to want all monsters dead, the cops are corrupt, and probably so is the mayor. Plus, monsters have a hard time getting honest jobs and there's money to be made in smuggling that Toriel and Asgore can make sure is distributed to those in need. Undyne would rather be a heroine than an anti-heroine but she's doing what her community needs her to do.

I can't wait to write Alphys in this, incidentally. I need to listen to more old radio dramas.

Where is this all going? Well, you gotta know the lay of the land. )
So I wrote over a thousand words today!

...mostly at work....

...mostly when I was supposed to be working.....

...and it's a new WIP.

Really, self? Are we really going to do this?

Apparently we are. Or I am. Whatever.

In more responsible news, the exterminator is probably coming Monday! I let the neighbors know.

So anyway, have the opening paragraphs of the Undertale Mob AU! It's based on theslowesthnery's gangster AU which I mentioned yesterday. I'm a little nervous about it because it's in first person, present tense, and also because I'm playing with Sans' voice and making it more... stereotypically mobstery than canon. But I'm having fun with it.

There's three places in this town where a monster can sit down for a good meal. )
Bugs status: Still here. Submitted second maintenance request asking wtf was up with first maintenance request being closed.
Heat status: It was really warm today! so, no big deal.

And since the weather warmed up my computer keeps overheating, so I'm going to call a repair place tomorrow to see how much it'll cost to get it fixed. (I could technically probably do it myself but I'm lazy and IMO my time is valuable.) I lost all the fic tabs I had open and will try to dig them up later. Also this kind of sucks because it means I won't have my computer for the Crystalline Gala push and coli grinding on Android sucks.

Also, I have a weird rash on my neck. WHY.

I feel like despite the above I had a pretty okay day? I've been thinking a lot about some stuff I want to write; some RP stuff, some Undertale/DW stuff, the Gallifrey fic, etc. Also, I desperately want some good plotty fic set in theslowesthnery's Undertale Gangster AU and there does not seem to be a whole lot of gangster AU fic generally. If I come up with an actual outline or anything maybe I should do it, but right now the specifics of what I want is "tommy guns, getaway cars, hats, shenanigans!"

Also, I rewatched the first half of Mark of the Rani. (Fun fact: the titular mark of the Rani is exactly where my weird rash is. Not cool, Rani.) The Master and the Rani are just so delightfully bitchy to each other:

"Hey, how do these weird mind control worms work?"
"Why don't you try one and find out, or alternately go fuck yourself?"
"But I waaaant iiiiit!"
[Renegade Time Lord slapfight ensues.]

I am almost sad I'm not writing the Master in this one.
I am doubtful as to whether the landlords did anything about the heat, but it seems to work fine as long as I don't mind turning the thermostat up to a ridiculous swamplike temperature when it starts to dip into the sixties, and as long as I don't have a lot to do in my living room.

(My computer is in my living room. I think probably what I should do is upload this Gallifrey fic to gdocs and write it on my tablet. Right now it's in Scrivener because it is, theoretically, part of a larger series, and some of the bits get kind of complicated, and I have visual references for the characters since the canon is an audio drama and I want to keep their physical appearances and dress style consistent, and I want to keep worldbuilding I make up on the fly relatively consistent.)

The landlords definitely did not do anything about the bugs. (There are bugs. In the kitchen. I am worried it's my fault but I try not to go to bed with dirty dishes, and the upstairs neighbors are also having bug issues, and as I have never seen the inside of their apartment I am forced to assume it looks like a Martha Stewart Living spread only if Martha Stewart was really into Skyrim and boardgames, because obviously everyone but me has their life 100% together!) Anyway, I didn't expect them to do anything ASAP, but my maintenance request on the bugs has been marked as "Work Completed," and was in fact marked as completed the afternoon I submitted the report. So um, I'm guessing either they've already scheduled an exterminator OR they're ignoring all bug-related maintenance requests out of hand.

In the meantime I'm killing every bug I see on sight. THIS IS WAR, BUGS. WARRRR. Also, spiders, wtf, start pulling your weight around here, I more or less leave you guys alone for a reason.

Upstairs neighbors say they haven't heard anything back on that, although I haven't spoken to them in a few days -- I mostly talk to them on the bus in the mornings when I am basically braindead. Would it be weird to ask for one of their cell numbers or something just to text like, landlord FYIs/warnings/help I locked myself out plz tell me you're home requests?

Anyway. Bah. The upside of the heat going out periodically is that the bugs have retreated somewhat.

....okay, that's not a fucking upside.

I SWEAR TO GOD, I LIVED IN A NICE APARTMENT UNTIL THIS WINTER AND SUDDENLY IT WAS A BAD PLACE TO LIVE. :[ You'd think they'd be more responsive, I still haven't renewed my lease.

Blah blah blah. Anyway! I wanted to include something fun in this post but it's already wayyy past my bedtime. I'm really not distraught or anything, just kind of annoyed (bugged?) by the bugs and the cold, and murdering bugs while freezing your ass off saps a lot of energy.
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