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Tomorrow I'm going to see my parents and do a ~belated birthday dinner~ with them. Mostly they're like "we have a lot of presents for you!" and I'm just... they buy me nice things and I feel guilty about it because what I'd rather get from them is acknowledgment that they fucked up and a promise to respect my boundaries. But I will take the presents, they're always nice presents. :\ I guess I'll see how the dog's doing too. Hoping I won't cry, my parents can never stand that shit.

My boss and I have come up with a fun way to deal with the creepy client I mentioned yesterday.

11.5k on the Gallifrey fic! Yay! I considered sharing a bit where Taylor and Neeloc discuss the Rani's horrible experiments, but then I thought, maybe not, it's too long. Also super creepy. Anyway, that's going well!

I do like this one line: "I thought it might be [the Rani]," Neeloc said. "The biology, the lizards, the shoulderpads...."

Hopefully this weekend I'll have another batch of Yuletide recs! In the meantime I'm going to squee about sansybones' Undertale fancomics!

So sansybones wrote and drew this lovely, horrifying Sans & Gaster comic called Darker Yet Darker, and it is full of delicious skeleton angst. Today I looked at my dash and found that THERE'S A SEQUEL IN THE WORKS: You're Blue Now, which has a greater focus on Papyrus and Sans becoming brothers. Only seven pages so far but I'm very excited, especially since I feel like even when Papyrus and Sans are both Gaster's sons or creations, most people focus entirely on Sans' backstory. (And I love Sans and I love angst, but just because Papyrus doesn't appear to have any angst about it doesn't make him not interesting.) Also, Gaster, YOU DO NOT TALK TO PAPYRUS LIKE THAT YOU MOTHERFUCKER I AM OUTRAGED ALREADY. Anyway, I do like the more sympathetic portrayals of Gaster in other fics and comics, but I'll always have a special place in my heart for workaholic douchebags who left their scientific ethics in their other labcoat.

(Also I feel like I should blather about my Undertale obsession here somewhere. Maybe also this weekend? Long story short: UNDERTALE IS GREAT and if you play computer/video games at all and you like silly humor and quirky characters and sudden-onset feeeels, you should try it.)



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