Probably not writing a long entry tonight; my parents took me out to dinner sort-of-for my birthday.

Things were not awkward, gifts were thoughtful and not so showy that I felt super guilty, I got to show off one of their Christmas presents to me so I no longer feel super guilty about getting it either, and the thing I was not daring to hope for happened, which is that the dog got up on all four feet when I came in and was generally pretty lively. He hasn't had the use of his back legs for months. I actually had a dream last night where he was running around playing, and it was not like that, but I remember such a sense of relief in the dream, and when I woke up I was like "I dreamed something that made me really happy, what was it?" and when I saw him in real life today I remembered.

The dogs aren't going to last forever; they're probably not going to last long. But I was glad to get to see Archie happy again.

Not much fiction writing done today, but I'll be writing over the weekend.
Tomorrow I'm going to see my parents and do a ~belated birthday dinner~ with them. Mostly they're like "we have a lot of presents for you!" and I'm just... they buy me nice things and I feel guilty about it because what I'd rather get from them is acknowledgment that they fucked up and a promise to respect my boundaries. But I will take the presents, they're always nice presents. :\ I guess I'll see how the dog's doing too. Hoping I won't cry, my parents can never stand that shit.

My boss and I have come up with a fun way to deal with the creepy client I mentioned yesterday.

11.5k on the Gallifrey fic! Yay! I considered sharing a bit where Taylor and Neeloc discuss the Rani's horrible experiments, but then I thought, maybe not, it's too long. Also super creepy. Anyway, that's going well!

I do like this one line: "I thought it might be [the Rani]," Neeloc said. "The biology, the lizards, the shoulderpads...."

Hopefully this weekend I'll have another batch of Yuletide recs! In the meantime I'm going to squee about sansybones' Undertale fancomics!

So sansybones wrote and drew this lovely, horrifying Sans & Gaster comic called Darker Yet Darker, and it is full of delicious skeleton angst. Today I looked at my dash and found that THERE'S A SEQUEL IN THE WORKS: You're Blue Now, which has a greater focus on Papyrus and Sans becoming brothers. Only seven pages so far but I'm very excited, especially since I feel like even when Papyrus and Sans are both Gaster's sons or creations, most people focus entirely on Sans' backstory. (And I love Sans and I love angst, but just because Papyrus doesn't appear to have any angst about it doesn't make him not interesting.) Also, Gaster, YOU DO NOT TALK TO PAPYRUS LIKE THAT YOU MOTHERFUCKER I AM OUTRAGED ALREADY. Anyway, I do like the more sympathetic portrayals of Gaster in other fics and comics, but I'll always have a special place in my heart for workaholic douchebags who left their scientific ethics in their other labcoat.

(Also I feel like I should blather about my Undertale obsession here somewhere. Maybe also this weekend? Long story short: UNDERTALE IS GREAT and if you play computer/video games at all and you like silly humor and quirky characters and sudden-onset feeeels, you should try it.)
Gallifrey fic is a little over 10k now! Yay!

I didn't really write anything I'm comfortable sharing today -- not sure I've got the Rani's voice quite right and I'm also iffy because this latest scene is from the point of view of a Silurian policewoman. I like her a lot but I'm not sure she's alien enough. (She's not really meant to be that alien; she's that one-episode character who works with the heroes and is supposed to be pretty relateable, but I should make a vague try, you know.) I'm also a little iffy on how I'm writing Silurian society, because, okay, so, a.) the Silurians are canonically pretty varied by subspecies and apparently ~pure bloodlines~ are super important to them, so that says to me "shady hierarchical society shit is going on here maybe?" and b.) one of the staple plot devices of Doctor Who is The Space Miners Are Going On Strike And We Have To Help Them, so I figured I'd do stuff with class and their subspecies/bloodline stuff, but uh, I'm ...probably the exact wrong person to be writing about class (or race), especially for a British fandom, because I only know US classism and I only know it from the privileged perspective and yeah.

(Okay, I've written about class in the Middle Ages in my HP stuff but it's the Middle Ages, there are no serfs anymore. And also a lot of it has been easy because Rowena is so comically clueless about anything outside of her little bubble of academia and nobility and politics. I've got a scene in stuff I'm working on now where she and Godric are interviewing an agricultural wizard because Helga's still in prison for treason and someone needs to teach Herbology, and Rowena is extremely shaky on the concept of crop rotation, and poor Godric and the interviewee are both like "wait aren't you supposed to be smart? everyone said you were smart!" I should also clarify that this makes her an incredibly lousy ruler, although to be fair she delegates the actual running of her land a lot, mostly to people who she thinks know what they're doing and can actually stand to spend a lot of time there. MY POINT IS, it's not the same and a lot of it is inspired by Dumb Shit I Have Done, as a lot of minor Rowena things are. Not the major ones, obviously, I've never accidentally gotten any of my BFFs thrown in prison for treason and my mother does not rule an empire with an iron fist unless by "empire" you mean "house" and by "iron fist" you mean "ineffectual shouting" and by "rule" you mean ...something other than that. She is not doing so well lately, my mom. I'm worried about her, to be honest.)

BLAH BLAH BLAH anyway I'm a little anxious about my writing, there will doubtless be a lot of editing that will probably add at least 2k words to the bastard before I'm done with it.

What else happened today? Oh! I found my long underwear. That was nice. Tomorrow I will be warm!

Bitching about work stuff; content warning for physical and emotional spousal abuse. )
Not much of interest to report today, although I had a much better day today than yesterday. It's getting well and truly cold here, and I can't find the bottoms of my long underwear. (I found the tops! And a cache of sweaters and turtlenecks I totally forgot I had. But not the bottoms. Very frustrating.)

No dog news, which is probably good dog news.

Also, more ridiculous fic! It's at 9k and I just wrote my first action sequence in the fic. I feel like it's been a while since I wrote action, so I'm probably going to have to go back and do a lot of editing, but:

"Could you help me here? Please?" Taylor demanded, barely dodging a punch using the ancient and little-known Earth technique of "try to back up and then nearly trip over the unconscious bloke on the ground."

"I don't know how to fight!" said Neeloc.

"Oh, and you think I do?" Taylor asked. The Silurian guard grabbed him by his throat.

Neeloc used his mop to whack at the guard's head to very little avail; Taylor was very busy trying not to suffocate so he couldn't see what Neeloc did after that but presumably it wasn't very effective. Then the guard gave a shout and released him, and Taylor could breathe again.

"Oh my god, finally," said Taylor, gasping for breath. "What did you..." Neeloc was standing there looking baffled as Taylor felt, and the guard -- oh, of course. The guard was lying on the ground cursing and trying to shake off the little Silurian girl, whose sharp teeth were still closed on his other wrist.

Neeloc frowned, and seized Taylor's shovel from his loose grip. With the air of a conquering knight he pointed it, blade end first, at the Silurian guard. "I've got this handled," he told the little girl, with his own childish sort of solemnity, and she spat the guard's hand out with disgust, got to her feet, and dusted herself off.

Then Neeloc addressed the guard. "You. We can do this the easy way or the way that involves hitting you with this shovel. I would suggest the easy way, although, to be fair it's actually just the easy way for me, since I haven't tested this antidote it could actually have some really nasty side effects. Although, if it works all right it's the easy way for you too, since you don't have to do anything! You don't have to do anything if I hit you with the shovel either, though. ...So I suppose the question is more, would you prefer to do this the way that involves dubious scientific ethics and possibly skin lesions or another head or something but not actual violence, or the way that involves a nasty concussion?"

The guard raised his head to frown at Neeloc, and then at Taylor.

"Yeah, I don't know what he's on about half the time either," said Taylor, apologetically. "Neeloc, give me the shovel."

"No! You had your turn with the shovel! I have it now!" said Neeloc.

"I saw it first!" said Taylor.

The guard lowered his head with a disgusted grunt.

I'm still verrrrry sloooowly working my way through the Yuletide collection. It will probably take me until June, argh. I keep reading really good stories in fandoms I don't actually know. (Currently I'm in the middle of that magic AU baseball RPF one. I know nothing about baseball but if you add magic I am so there.)
Trying to keep up a habit of posting on LJ/DW, but Mondays suck. They just do.

Anyway, short notes:

  • Dog apparently improved significantly over the weekend, so he's okay for now. Dad opted to text me this at 7:30 am. I cried anyway. I'm trying not to get my hopes up for much of a recovery, but I'm glad he's happier.

  • Stupid Whoniverse WIP continues, albeit slowly because, uh, Mondays suck. Nearly 8k words now!


  • The above is not a spoiler, because the planned title for this is "Inaccurately-Named Lizard People (and the Rani)."

  • Although to be fair I think the Silurians are actually reptile people?

  • Well, they're inaccurate, whatever they are.

  • I should probably rewatch the Rani episodes, because otherwise the Rani is going to sound all wrong, except that she has a weird obsession with dinosaurs.

  • Great, now I want to see Alphys and the Rani have a Science-Off. If the Rani wins, she gets to use Alphys' brain in a machine. If Alphys wins, the Rani has to watch Mew Mew Kissy Cutie. (The first one, not the terrible sequel! Alphys may be a monster but she's not soulless.)

  • This nonspoilery thread about stupid lightsaber variant ideas saved my afternoon.

Ridiculous Whoniverse fic continues to be ridiculous. It's a little over 6k words now and soon I'm getting to one of the scenes I've been really looking forward to and in the meantime I've got this nonsense to write:

Kalheth frowned. "It's, er. Really, you came here and you don't know what it's called?"

"We were trying to get to London," said Neeloc, apologetically.

"He was trying to get to London," said Taylor, not looking up from adjusting the map. "I've very little interest in the place."

"Well," said Kalheth, "well, er. This planet's called 'Earth' --"

"We know," said Neeloc.

"Wait, really, that's their name for it too?" Taylor asked. "Oh, oh, right, the translation circuit. But wait, what are the actual sounds that --"

"Don't think too hard about it or it might not work," advised Neeloc.

"How very Gallifreyan," said Taylor under his breath, not quietly enough for Neeloc to miss.

"And the town," said Kalheth, loudly, ignoring them completely, "is called Pesksorlkathandr."

"Peskorcath...something," Taylor said. "Peskorlak-- Peksor -- so your town is here," he said, giving up. "We're here," he said, "I think, unless North is the wrong way -- no, no, we're here. Good. Okay. Anyway, see that little red blip? That's us."

Neeloc turned to watch Taylor. The map he had was spattered with little colored blips; theirs was only the brightest. Neeloc had a sinking feeling about what the others represented. He realized suddenly that he had no idea how to solve this. Stories about the Doctor had made it sound easy -- show up, run down some corridors, be clever, then leave before anyone could make you stick around and be President or whatever.

It feels really weird writing a story where both the people in the TARDIS are pretty much equals, and neither of them can really pretend they know more than the other. On the one hand Neeloc's canonically a huge fan of the Doctor, so he's trying to emulate that, but on the other hand... he isn't actually the Doctor at all; he's naive and short-sighted and has a sort of booksmart arrogance that probably won't last very long. Taylor must have been incredibly intelligent to be admitted to the Academy as a human (or so I imagine; at the very least IIRC Galadina, one of their friends, says that everyone in their clique is extraordinarily smart compared to other Academy students) and I imagine he worked very hard to get there, but he's impulsive, quick to anger, and naive in his own way, plus he's got a chip on his shoulder as an offworlder on Gallifrey. They're both obviously flawed, and they know each other, so I can't really write anyone being effortlessly brilliant and saving the day with some technobabble and scenery-chewing, at least not unless I use an outsider POV. I'm comfortable with writing this kind of thing in other fandoms, but I feel weirdly uncomfortable writing it in the Whoniverse.

Also, man, I'm really glad nothing about the Silurians makes sense, because if half the shit I (or anyone else) was writing about them was true we'd have an extensive archaeological record of them.

Um. I guess I should also get some stuff off my chest that I've been kind of avoiding thinking about, so here, have some bitching and moaning about real life things.

Pet death & other sad RL things )
And in non-reveals news, I'm working on this silly fic based on the Big Finish Gallifrey serials! Basically, [personal profile] thinkatory and I were both really sad about the Deca-wannabe clique of Academy students in "Insurgency" (I've been calling them the Penta in my head) since uh, bad things happened to them, some moreso than others. I hesitate to share specifics about the plot because of spoilers, but we decided it would be better if the Gallifreyan one who was a Doctor fanboy broke all kinds of important laws and ran off with the angry Scottish one in a stolen TARDIS, because that's just the done thing, isn't it?

Anyway, that's going pretty well! It's about 4k long right now, and alternates between very silly and a little fucked up, and here's an excerpt:

After the Silurian guards had left them in the cell, Neeloc chanced a look at Taylor. Humans were surprisingly resilient in a crisis, for all that they burned through their lives so quickly, and Taylor looked only a little worse for wear. He was staring at the cell door with that very serious, slightly unnerving look that he sometimes got, so he was probably all right. Still, best to check, considering all he'd been through. "Are you all right?" he asked Taylor.

Taylor looked startled. "Well, a lizard woman just mauled my face, so I could be better."

"Yeah." He smiled apologetically, and Taylor's gaze slid away again. "Are you certain humans weren't around at this point in Earth's history?"

"Well," said Taylor, "history was never really my strong suit, but I'm fairly sure on that point, since, you know, we almost got eaten by a dinosaur. Aren't there loads of human-looking aliens around, though? I mean, there's you lot, for one."

"Oh, I doubt this is a Time Lord, whoever they are," said Neeloc, pulling a face. "What would a Time Lord want with a lot of Silurian children?"

"What would anyone want with a lot of Silurian children?" Taylor asked. "...I mean, everything I'm thinking of, none of it's good. Or species-dependent, probably. I mean, you've got, on Gallifrey, you've got... criminals, yeah?"

"Well mostly, unless they're going to take over the universe or something, we exile them," said Neeloc, "so not really! It's a pretty efficient system --"

"Then where do they go?" Taylor asked.

Neeloc thought about it briefly, came to some worrying conclusions, and then decided to put them out of his mind.

I have no idea how I'll post the damn thing when it's done, because I'm sure no one's reading the Gallifrey (Big Finish Audio) tag looking either for these characters or for off-Gallifrey worldbuilding. But, eh, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
I guess since Yuletide reveals happened, I should link my fic!

I wrote one fic for Flight Rising, the dragon petsite I've been obsessed with for about a year now:

Sibling Rivalry and Other Weird Bitey Things (9746 words) by Kaesa
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Flight Rising
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Tripp (Flight Rising), Pipp (Flight Rising), Crim (Flight Rising), Pinkerton (Flight Rising), Tomo (Flight Rising), Scribbles (Flight Rising), Swipp (Flight Rising)
Additional Tags: Slice of Life, Accidental Baby Acquisition, Humor

Sometimes people accidentally sell unhatched eggs to Crim. And if Crim's not doing anything with them, why shouldn't Tripp try and do something useful with them?

Well, for one thing, there's the crippling guilt. And for another thing, unhatched dragon eggs tend to hatch.

I don't really have a lot to say about this one? I was extra nervous because usually I don't write slice-of-life stuff but I felt like it seemed appropriate, if I was writing about pet site dailies, for the fic to have a sort of everyday tone.

Also, I was mildly worried there would be exalt wank. I am like, the absolute last person in the world to be anti-exalting-dragons-to-the-Icewarden, but since Tripp is a Wind dragon and so is her entire family that we've seen, I figure she's used to an elemental deity who comes across as relatively friendly. Anyway, I might noodle around with Scribbles fic later on, maybe either how they met Tomo or why they hate quartz or something; they were really fun to write and I wanted more of them, but I didn't want to explain them entirely, because that'd be no fun.

I also wrote one fic that was vaguely inspired by several Undertale prompts, but in the end I didn't think it was inspired enough by any one of them to gift, and I was really uncertain about the character voices. So it wasn't Yuletide fic, it was just... fic. I'm sharing it anyway because I'm pretty pleased with it:

When Life Hands You Enantiomers (2739 words) by Kaesa
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Undertale (Video Game)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Alphys (Undertale), Sans (Undertale)
Additional Tags: Minor Alphys/Undyne, Extremely Bad Puns, Mad Science, Friendship

Alphys has a half-finished tile maze puzzle, reams of useless data, and a bunch of piranhas that can't tell the difference between lemon and orange scent.

Sans has donuts.

Again, I want do a little more with this; considering doing a prequel with Papyrus and Undyne coming up with the tile maze specs (probably using a box of crayons) and a sequel with cute pre-Alphyne shenanigans. I'd been noodling around with Undertale fic about Sans and feeling terrible at humor (usually that's easy for me!) but apparently once the topic is chemistry I can come up with all the terrible puns in the world! (Still kind of kicking myself, though, for not using the implied-in-the-title pun anywhere.)
SO FOR YULETIDE I GOT GIFT FICS. I've been super busy and not reccing them and I'm gonna be honest here, Yuletide has been one of the few nice things about the Thanksgiving-New Year period, because a bunch of other shit has been happening which I'll probably vent about in another post. This post is a happy post because my god I got some amazing stuff.

ANYWAY. FICS. Fics are good. These fics are particularly good!

The Candidate (4875 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Gallifrey (Big Finish Audio)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Romana II, Leela, Irving Braxiatel
Additional Tags: Gallifreyan Politics

Romana's presidential campaign doesn't get off to the smoothest of starts when she is ambushed by an interviewer. Braxiatel is on hand to straighten things out.

If you're an Old Who fan but don't know Big Finish's audio dramas, you'll probably recognize Romana and Leela in the tags, and you might think "Aha, I have more than enough canon knowledge to read this fic!" No, you don't, because Gallifreyan politics are twisty and fucked-up and time travel makes them wayyy messier, and this fic captures that aspect of canon fantastically. So go listen to Gallifrey and then come back and read this fic and squee with me, because it's glorious. Romana's cutting snark is perfect in this, and Braxiatel's is even better (better than perfect? okay yeah, I get that that's not possible but, well... it's Brax, he does what he wants), and Leela's oddly poetic good sense and straightforwardness are also fantastic. There's also lots of amazing petty dickishness from other movers and shakers in the Gallifreyan political scene, so if you're a fan of people being terrible in fiction (which I am, holy shit) this is a fic for you. Also, there's some lovely DW extended universe continuity in-jokes, and in general the worldbuilding (which by necessity in Doctor Who fic is often world-paring-down-and-restructuring) is extremely well-done.

Servants and Sacrifices (1533 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Flight Rising
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: The Icewarden (Flight Rising), The Plaguebringer (Flight Rising), Original Non-Human Character(s)
Additional Tags: Background Relationships, The Fortress of Ends, Ice vs. Plague

The Plaguebringer comes to the Fortress of Ends to offer the Icewarden a hostage exchange.

So Flight Rising is a pet site about dragons! DRAGONS. Of course I play it. Flight Rising has different Flights that are a bit like Hogwarts houses, and my flight, Ice, has a bit of a rivalry with Plague, so one of the things I asked for was something about the politics of that rivalry or some worldbuilding expanding on how exaltation (an important game mechanic) works in the game world. This fic is dark and tragic and has gorgeous (but sometimes visceral -- you get that with Plague) imagery, and it's also about political negotiations and the personal/emotional aspects of that. I also really love how it deals with Tundras' memory problems; I am a total sucker for amnesia-related angst.

The Body Electric (1042 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Analogue: A Hate Story/Hate Plus (Visual novel series)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Kim Hyun-ae | The Pale Bride/Mute

*Hyun-ae is excited to have a body again; *Mute is having a harder time adjusting.

And to mix it up a bit amongst all these dark fics, I got the kind of cute, hopeful fic I love to read for my darkest canon! I love how grumpy and done with everything poor *Mute is in this, and how earnest *Hyun-ae is even as she calls *Mute out for being tsundere as hell, and their banter is just fantastic and they are delightful. Their individual struggles with culture shock, and also, in *Mute's case, internalized homophobia and (for lack of a better term) morphology shock, is really believable, but like I said, it's a really sweet, hopeful fic; when I reread it my face hurts a little from grinning, because I know they're gonna be okay -- they're on the way there already, and they have each other.

AND HAVE SOME OTHER RECS, for fics that were also good but not technically for me. I am nowhere near making much of a dent in the archives, but I've been reading here and there in an... eccentric kind of way and there's a lot of great stuff. I've barely touched all the fandoms I love. But this is a respectable start, I think.

Five more recs; three JSMN, one Fallen London, and one Sunless Sea. )
Hi! Thanks for offering to write my fandoms! This letter is long, and if you don't like long letters, I'm sorry for any anxiety/eyestrain/whatever that will cause you, but to summarize very briefly: Avoid my DNWs and give me fic about the characters I requested and I'll probably be happy! If you're worried reading my prompts will hem you in, skip them -- they're not the only things I will be happy with, and if you are coming to this with the world's best fic about [the fandom we matched on] in your head, ready to be written, write it for me! I sign up for Yuletide in part to receive fic I didn't write myself, and I love the joy of discovering that an author has written me a fic that I couldn't have written myself. I want you to have fun writing this, because that way, I think the fic will be much more fun to read for me.

If you get stuck on our matched canon and want to try writing a different one, or if you need canon review resources, I've put brief summaries and lots of resource links here.

General Likes & Dislikes )

Analogue: A Hate Story/Hate Plus (Visual novel series) )

Don Giovanni - Mozart/Da Ponte )

Flight Rising )

Gallifrey (Big Finish Audio) )

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell - Susanna Clarke )

Narbonic )

Crossovers & AUs )

Contact Info )
The Magician. (1675 words) by Lanna Michaels
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell - Susanna Clarke, The Martian - Andy Weir
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Mark Watney, Catherine of Winchester, John Uskglass | The Raven King
Additional Tags: Magic, Alternate Universe - Still Astronauts, Alternate Universe - Magic, Alternate Universe - Modern with Magic, Crossover, Fusion, Magician Mark Watney, Because #yuletide, Deus Ex Machina, Diary/Journal, The Raven King Is A Troll

The sand shall make a door for me and I shall pass through it. The stones shall make a ship for me and I shall travel upon it.



I don't know what I did to deserve this but I'm going to try and keep doing it.
So, Yuletide reveals! ...I was kind of hoping to get another recs post done (I have 7 fics in my "to rec" text doc right now) but reveals happened first.

Also, it is my birthday! (I'm 28.)

Anyway, I wrote two full-length stories for Yuletide and one Madness treat.

They were:

Bizarre Internal Errors and Perfect Timing, two Analogue: A Hate Story fics )

The treat I wrote was:
Fuck You and Your Can Opener Privilege, a FFA RPF fic )
This Christmas has been really busy for me, so I'm just getting around to a recspost. But! Here is a recspost; hopefully there will be more!

First off, my gifts!

Medieval Land Fun-Time World and Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell )

Other recs: Analogue: A Hate Story/Hate Plus, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, Medieval Land Fun-Time World, Narbonic, and Transistor )
Yay, Yuletide! I finally got some sleep this week and kind of shook the cold (?) I think I had, and also got a start on the main Yuletide fic, finally. It's looking like it's going to be more romance and less caseficcy, partly because goddamn there's a lot of relationship stuff I wanted to explore with this particular set of prompts+plotbunny, and it'll be hard to do justice to the requested ship if I'm concentrating on the case? And partly because, while I have a good feel for the character conflicts and thematic stuff I want to bring to the fore with this case, I am having some trouble figuring out how the details of how it fit together as a puzzle. It'll probably be more in the background.

And at the very least, right now I have a couple thousand words of cuteness I can turn in if suddenly everything goes wrong between tomorrow and December 20th? But hopefully that won't happen.

Other stuff: I got my second of three big unwieldy pieces of IKEA furniture put together, finally, and made arrangements with my dad to help me build the third one. I'm usually vehemently opposed to having him help me put stuff together, because I never really got to help him with handyman stuff around the house when I was a kid and as a result I don't really have those skills, but... I need them? And I do have a knack for putting things together in general, so usually I do pretty well. Like, I'm decent at putting sewing patterns together and making robots and stuff, so IKEA furniture is pretty easy. But in this case I'm literally going to have to screw up (as in, put screws in aimed upwards) while also holding the top of the table I'm putting together down, and I managed that with the first piece of furniture but it took the better part of an afternoon and I was really sore afterwards. Good workout, but bad time management. Anyway, after this I'm hoping to clear a bunch of counterspace in my kitchen, and have some extra counterspace in my dining room, and also, y'know, have a dining room instead of a room full of boxes and furniture parts. Working on getting some more furniture for my bedroom too. I need a dresser.

Blah blah blah whatever. In other writingy news, I haven't been focusing on it, but I have kind of been pecking away at the next plot arc for my Founderfic. This summer I kind of got bogged down on a really emotionally difficult-to-write scene (Rowena loses her temper in a scary way) but I managed to wrap that up just before Yuletide, so now I'm dealing with the aftermath, and I think I did okay on the earlier scene.
...and then life ate me. Partly because I have stuff going on, partly because it's dark all the time, and partly because I'm steeling myself for the emotional exhaustion that is negotiating my family's utter bullshit this holiday season. It shouldn't be as bad this year as it has been in years past, but I know it will be a mixture of festively nice and awkward and mildly traumatic.

Brief family ranting. )

Anyway. Um. Pretty sure I can't manage that Yuletide NaNo thing. Oh well. I'll still try for a nice high total Yuletide wordcount with lots of treats. Haven't yet written anything for it, but I am brainstorming on the main fic. I need to get past my insecurity here and just write.
Current Yuletide/NaNo progress:

Treat #1: 1,506 words (309 new)
NaNo words: 309
Canon review for assignment: ~22%
Ballots cast: 1

Okay, so I am not doing too hot on the whole NaNoYuletide thing, I know, I know. But on the plus side, canon is soooo gooood eeeeee. Hopefully I'll be able to get more words out once canon review is done.

Also, I have the excuse of having spent the weekend with [personal profile] thinkatory and her boyfriend and their friends. They had a costume party! (I was a mad scientist. This is my default costume because I've been a mad scientist for Halloween three times already, and once I also um once cosplayed very badly as one of my HP OCs anyway my point is I have the labcoat and the goggles and a plethora of other silly accessories.)

The day after that they introduced me to Pathfinder and I made a character based on Terezi ([personal profile] thinkatory was playing her Vriska-esque pirate character!) and I had a lot of fun! She's a half-orc Empiricist Investigator. I have a soft spot for half-orcs. Anyway, it looks like there are a few more local Pathfinder groups so I'm going to see if they're also fun to play in, and maybe it'll be a regular thing? We'll see!
Oh my GOD I have basically been squeeing inwardly about my Yuletide assignment alllll daaaaay.

Also, I'm going to try what chat has coined "Worst Idea Ever" -- do Yuletide as NaNoWriMo and try for 50k words in November. (Ideally separated out over different fics. I don't want to saddle my poor recip with a novel-length to read on Christmas Eve.)

And I'm going to try and make posts with approximate wordcounts to keep myself encouraged, and also because I never post anymore and maybe this will get me back into the habit. Obviously today doesn't count for NaNo, though.

So, current progress:

Treat #1: 1,197 (205 new)
Canon review for assignment: ~5%
Writing done tonight: None, but I took two pages of notes on canon.
Research placeholders left in writing: 2

So, okay, not impressive, but it's a start! (I'm hoping this treat will be 3-4k, but once I'm done with canon review I'll obviously be concentrating on the assignment.)
Hi, flist! Long time no see!

So, a lot happened IRL, mostly not super fun stuff. I could write a lot of excuses about how I was doing exchanges in the midst of a deep depression and then when I shook it off I was like "holy shit there is a whole world out there! I forgot I had friends IRL! hello friends!" and then I defaulted on something I really didn't want to default on, and then shame spiral, and then medical stuff, but that is mostly in the past, except for the medical stuff. I'll put that under a cut since medical stuff is deeply boring to many people:

Medical stuff! Mostly for my venting benefit. )

So yeah, I guess basically I have to work on learning to cook more things, which means I have to work on putting my kitchen together, because after the move I realized I have this huge dining room, no furniture to put in it, and a kitchen with alarmingly little counterspace.

Ugh this post is all over the place. TBH I am kind of writing this because I NEVER POST and I felt bad about that. I am trying to figure out if there is anything actually interesting that I have done lately.

I've been playing a lot of Sims 4, which I actually like better than Sims 3 (Sims 3 did not play well with my gaming PC) and if you ask I will bore you to death with screenshots of my hilarious fannish sim families, my half-assed Roxy Lalonde legacy challenge, and the laboratory I made out of kitchen counters and bar decor.

OH and Bad Bang. Guys, let me tell you about Bad Bang. If you don't already know, Bad Bang is this amaaaazing Big Bang-esque challenge being run at irregular intervals by [personal profile] adaptationdecay where you write the most godawful piece of fiction it is within your power to write, and then someone illustrates it hideously. So far there has been one Bad Bang and one Reverse Bad Bang, and apparently there is a Telephone Bad Bang in the works where someone writes, another person draws, another person writes based on the art, and another person draws based on the fic. The nice thing about Bad Bang is you only get a few days to "create," so it's low-pressure and everyone is wanky in the comments. I haven't had a chance to dig into the Reverse Bad Bang fics but the whole archive is here, and my personal favorite Bad Bang fic from Round 1 is, I think, Darksound of the Opera, a Poem of Longing and the Barricaded Heart, which I explained to my visiting friend over lunch today because it was so amazing. (I am kind of disappointed the author stayed anonymous, but if you ever stumble across this, author, you are the best. <3 PLZ U HAV 2 RITE ME THE GRENADINE SEQUALL!!!) I wrote a Destiel/Sterek fic, and the art was amazing. It must be seen to be believed; you don't even need to have read the fic to understand it, because there are captions! And labels!

I also illustrated this short and sweet Theon/Ramsay tentacle fic with so many dicks, SO MANY, mostly in the comments and unsurprisingly it is surpassing most of the fics I am actually proud of writing wrt kudos, BECAUSE DICKS. Fandom, never change, you are 100% ridiculous.



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