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Ridiculous Whoniverse fic continues to be ridiculous. It's a little over 6k words now and soon I'm getting to one of the scenes I've been really looking forward to and in the meantime I've got this nonsense to write:

Kalheth frowned. "It's, er. Really, you came here and you don't know what it's called?"

"We were trying to get to London," said Neeloc, apologetically.

"He was trying to get to London," said Taylor, not looking up from adjusting the map. "I've very little interest in the place."

"Well," said Kalheth, "well, er. This planet's called 'Earth' --"

"We know," said Neeloc.

"Wait, really, that's their name for it too?" Taylor asked. "Oh, oh, right, the translation circuit. But wait, what are the actual sounds that --"

"Don't think too hard about it or it might not work," advised Neeloc.

"How very Gallifreyan," said Taylor under his breath, not quietly enough for Neeloc to miss.

"And the town," said Kalheth, loudly, ignoring them completely, "is called Pesksorlkathandr."

"Peskorcath...something," Taylor said. "Peskorlak-- Peksor -- so your town is here," he said, giving up. "We're here," he said, "I think, unless North is the wrong way -- no, no, we're here. Good. Okay. Anyway, see that little red blip? That's us."

Neeloc turned to watch Taylor. The map he had was spattered with little colored blips; theirs was only the brightest. Neeloc had a sinking feeling about what the others represented. He realized suddenly that he had no idea how to solve this. Stories about the Doctor had made it sound easy -- show up, run down some corridors, be clever, then leave before anyone could make you stick around and be President or whatever.

It feels really weird writing a story where both the people in the TARDIS are pretty much equals, and neither of them can really pretend they know more than the other. On the one hand Neeloc's canonically a huge fan of the Doctor, so he's trying to emulate that, but on the other hand... he isn't actually the Doctor at all; he's naive and short-sighted and has a sort of booksmart arrogance that probably won't last very long. Taylor must have been incredibly intelligent to be admitted to the Academy as a human (or so I imagine; at the very least IIRC Galadina, one of their friends, says that everyone in their clique is extraordinarily smart compared to other Academy students) and I imagine he worked very hard to get there, but he's impulsive, quick to anger, and naive in his own way, plus he's got a chip on his shoulder as an offworlder on Gallifrey. They're both obviously flawed, and they know each other, so I can't really write anyone being effortlessly brilliant and saving the day with some technobabble and scenery-chewing, at least not unless I use an outsider POV. I'm comfortable with writing this kind of thing in other fandoms, but I feel weirdly uncomfortable writing it in the Whoniverse.

Also, man, I'm really glad nothing about the Silurians makes sense, because if half the shit I (or anyone else) was writing about them was true we'd have an extensive archaeological record of them.

Um. I guess I should also get some stuff off my chest that I've been kind of avoiding thinking about, so here, have some bitching and moaning about real life things.

Namely, tomorrow my parents are probably going to have one of their/our dogs euthanized. I couldn't bear to go say goodbye to him this weekend -- plus, it was my birthday, and for Reasons I do not spend my birthday with my parents. At all. I also just... kind of knew that was happening, because both of their dogs have been getting sicker and sicker, and I have been honestly a little worried my parents would spring it on me as a fait accompli one day when I was visiting them, so for a few months I've basically been treating any visit with my parents & the dogs as Possibly The Last Visit With The Dogs. My mom has been treating me like some sort of incredibly fragile person she wants to interact with soooo muuuuch over the weekend and I think partly it's her usual Why Don't You Spend Time With Us, Your Parents, On Your Birthday??? neediness but partly also I cried a lot on the phone when she told me and in general she's very uncomfortable with me being sad, and meanwhile I am sitting here aware that my mother reacts incredibly badly to people having prolonged bouts of Sadness and/or mourning, so I want her off the phone and away from me so I can be sad in private or with friends.

Anyway. I'm sitting here not regretting not visiting the dog, because I would just be sad at him and he (the dog) would be confused and worried about me, while my parents hovered around and told me to stop having feelings. But also, I'm thinking about how this time tomorrow he will probably be dead and gone forever. I don't want to go visit them and see an Absence of Dog. I don't want him to die. But he is in pain and getting sicker and weaker, and he can't do any of the things he loves except eat (and even that's... iffy), and he can't understand why it's happening, so the merciful thing to do is to spare him a long, awful death.

In general December was kind of shitty anyway. There was a nightmarish amount of stuff to do at work and then my boss' car was totaled and his father died, on consecutive days, so I was holding down the fort at the office trying to get through our adoption backlog while talking someone through a kind of hairy real estate sale situation. After that was finally done with, I sprained my ankle at the opera and had to go to the hospital the next morning for x-rays, only my parents kind of sprung on me (after being angry at me for having scheduled a delivery that day before I knew my ankle was going to be sprained) that my grandmother had also gone to the hospital so they were taking me all the way out to that hospital in the suburbs so we could see her. I spent a few weeks hobbling around, not taking public transit anywhere, and having my glasses stuck together with tape, and then it was Yuletide (which was great!) and Christmas (which was okay) and I saw Star Wars with a friend (and that was also cool) and then it was my birthday and [personal profile] thinkatory came over! But yeah, before the birthday stuff my parents called and were like SO BTW, SOON-TO-BE-DEAD DOG. And that... kinda sucked.

And now we're heading straight into the despair that is January through March in Chicago. Sigh.



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