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And in non-reveals news, I'm working on this silly fic based on the Big Finish Gallifrey serials! Basically, [personal profile] thinkatory and I were both really sad about the Deca-wannabe clique of Academy students in "Insurgency" (I've been calling them the Penta in my head) since uh, bad things happened to them, some moreso than others. I hesitate to share specifics about the plot because of spoilers, but we decided it would be better if the Gallifreyan one who was a Doctor fanboy broke all kinds of important laws and ran off with the angry Scottish one in a stolen TARDIS, because that's just the done thing, isn't it?

Anyway, that's going pretty well! It's about 4k long right now, and alternates between very silly and a little fucked up, and here's an excerpt:

After the Silurian guards had left them in the cell, Neeloc chanced a look at Taylor. Humans were surprisingly resilient in a crisis, for all that they burned through their lives so quickly, and Taylor looked only a little worse for wear. He was staring at the cell door with that very serious, slightly unnerving look that he sometimes got, so he was probably all right. Still, best to check, considering all he'd been through. "Are you all right?" he asked Taylor.

Taylor looked startled. "Well, a lizard woman just mauled my face, so I could be better."

"Yeah." He smiled apologetically, and Taylor's gaze slid away again. "Are you certain humans weren't around at this point in Earth's history?"

"Well," said Taylor, "history was never really my strong suit, but I'm fairly sure on that point, since, you know, we almost got eaten by a dinosaur. Aren't there loads of human-looking aliens around, though? I mean, there's you lot, for one."

"Oh, I doubt this is a Time Lord, whoever they are," said Neeloc, pulling a face. "What would a Time Lord want with a lot of Silurian children?"

"What would anyone want with a lot of Silurian children?" Taylor asked. "...I mean, everything I'm thinking of, none of it's good. Or species-dependent, probably. I mean, you've got, on Gallifrey, you've got... criminals, yeah?"

"Well mostly, unless they're going to take over the universe or something, we exile them," said Neeloc, "so not really! It's a pretty efficient system --"

"Then where do they go?" Taylor asked.

Neeloc thought about it briefly, came to some worrying conclusions, and then decided to put them out of his mind.

I have no idea how I'll post the damn thing when it's done, because I'm sure no one's reading the Gallifrey (Big Finish Audio) tag looking either for these characters or for off-Gallifrey worldbuilding. But, eh, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.



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