Feb. 3rd, 2016

So I have to admit partly I'm just posting this in the hopes that bitching about my heat will bring it back. That's how it seems to work, for some reason. I guess I'll text Hapless Repair Guy tomorrow and let him know it's still randomly cutting out. Have to admit my computer works better in the mid-60s, though. Man I gotta get this thing into the shop before it dies completely.

ANYWAY, IDK, I feel like I've kind of lost direction; my focus has been on this fic. In fairness this fic has not let up or bogged down or anything; every time I think it will it magically comes up with a solution to the problem I was going to run into. But yeah, I feel like aside from writing my dumb fic I haven't really been doing much of anything new or interesting. (I'm wondering if I could actually post the fic as a WIP and still have a regular update schedule, but that seems like tempting fate. Plus I don't have a beta.)

I did make chicken pot pie (sort of) tonight and that was really good, so I'll definitely be reusing that recipe, because my previous attempts at that have involved overly-elaborate recipes that you're supposed to make over like three days, and I never have three days in a row where I have the energy to cook, but I love chicken pot pie. (This one had, like, biscuits instead of a crust.) I'm glad I did that, although the main reason was because it used the oven and was therefore a way to keep my apartment a little warmer for that period of time.

Anyway, more Undertale fic. Then I'll make lunch for tomorrow, put some laundry away, and huddle in my room and write a super-tropey ridiculous installment of the fic. Also I'm going to have to come up with an entire mean-spirited standup routine about egomaniac robots. (Mettaton really should have let Sans take the night off.) Why do I do this to myself? Oh right, because it's fun.

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