Jan. 31st, 2016

So I think for some reason I just... lose heat every night around 11 pm??? I don't get it either. But it comes back sometime later, often when I'm asleep. It's very weird. I guess I'll let maintenance know but since it never cuts out at a time when anyone is on duty (and usually at a time when I don't want even an emergency maintenance guy coming by in a few hours) I'm not sure what to do. [Edit: okay it went back on, I hear it in the background. THE POWER OF COMPLAINING.]

BAH. Anyway. Um. /o\ I made dinner tonight (a delicious spicy shrimp dish) and will have leftovers tomorrow. Aside from that I wrote a bunch. I've been posting part of my Undertale mob AU to FFA once a post (ish) but I'm running out of buffer and someone said they really appreciated seeing some every post, so I was like MAN I NEED TO GET ON THIS. I'm happy with what I have right now, though today researching for it did result in me downloading Solitaire (they don't... have it on Windows 8??? They reintroduced it in Windows 10, though) and wasting a bunch of time.

I'm kind of bummed that my desktop's not up to handling Flight Rising right now because I mostly missed the Crystalline Gala, which I was super psyched for earlier in the year. :\ I really need to get this thing in for repairs.

Also, I forgot to go pick up my new glasses today. TOMORROW. I hope. But I finally remembered to open the package my aunt sent me (I got it like, the day my parents told me the dog died so I kind of just forgot it entirely) and it's this cute little solar-powered lamp! Still deciding what I want to do with it; might use it in my room.

IDK, today was not a very exciting day, but I got a lot written and I cackled over a bunch of it, and I'm really super excited to get to the cracky portion of the plot.

Also, I would like someone to write an Undertale/Star Wars fusion where Papyrus is the stormtrooper who defects. (I guess Flowey is Kylo Ren? At the very least, he and Kylo Ren should hang out and talk about the edgy mcedgelord OCs they designed when they were 12. Frisk is obviously Rey. I feel like Sans should be BB-8 because they are both round, cute, and don't do much except follow the protag around, although that makes the Sans & Papyrus relationship... way too different.)

Currently the only Undertale/Star Wars fusion is set between RotJ and TFA, and contains the tag "Some things will be changed to fit Star Wars theme" which just makes me envision the opening crawl as A LONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY, TWO RACES RULED OVER THE GALAXY: HUMANS AND MONSTERS, and the Star Wars theme is in the Dogsong soundfont, and then I can't take anything seriously at all.

Blah blah whatever. OH OH ALSO. If you want to nominate things for the Hugos, you have to register before 8:00 am GMT on February 1, 2016, although I think we have until the end of March to actually get noms in? Which is good because I need to do some reading. (Will probably concentrate on short stories, because I love short stories and wish they got more attention, and also that I could write them, hahahaha.) You can do that here for $50. (I could actually probably go to Worldcon relatively easily this year, but I'm not super plugged into the SF fandom scene and feel like my first con should be either attended with people I know, or not huge.)


MORE MOB AU. Under the cut is some unpleasant stuff: mistreatment of the narrator by the police, including brief but painful stuff to do with eyes, so maybe skip it if you're not up to those things. Also there's a pretty terrible physics pun.

This part's not real funny. Sure you don't want me to tell you stories about Papyrus instead? Well, all right. You asked for it. )



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