Jan. 24th, 2016

Okay, so, I feel bad not having written anything yesterday but yesterday was super busy!

I got an eye exam, so I could get a second pair of glasses, so that if I fall and break my glasses again at least I'll have spares. My prescription's changed a smidge, apparently. I like the new glasses, although I was kind of sad I didn't have the guts to get the bright green ones. (As I told the saleswoman, "I like them because they make me look like a supervillain! But. I probably shouldn't look like a supervillain at the office.")

Stopped off and got three sets of keys made from my dad's spare set. I will be finding places to put them so I WILL NEVER GO KEYLESS AGAIN.

Picked up a package from the post office! I ordered tteok (Korean rice cakes) so I could re-make some dishes I've made through Blue Apron. I feel super lazy having bought them online rather than going across town to get them, but in my defense when I say "across town" I mean way the hell across town. Anyway, I have a small supply of rice cakes for delicious food preparation. (They're not like those dry rice cakes you might be familiar with -- they're more like... noodles? or dumpling dough? IDK, they don't have an exciting flavor or texture but they're good mixed in with spicy meat and veggies and sauce.)

Then I called the restaurant where my grandmother took us and they HAD MY KEYS. My dad volunteered to fetch them for me (I was going to take the train out otherwise) and I will have them back probably Tuesday. In the meantime I have to rely on Paul to let me into/out of the office at least tomorrow morning, but Paul was understanding. Also, last time I lost the office keys he uh, sent me off with his and had me make like six spares. (The only nearby keymaking place I could find in the Loop was called the Key to Time; I assume this is what the White Guardian does when he's not running the nicer half of the universe.)

Today I picked up meds, gave Walgreens my new insurance information, and as a treat I went to a restaurant for lunch. This is silly but I get weirdly anxious being alone in public in places people usually go in groups/with friends (like the movies or restaurants) so doing that felt like an accomplishment. I also picked up a Star Wars action figure, because I Deserve Nice Things, and Finn is the nicest, although the action figure's face looks about 500% done with your bullshit. (They had a Poe but not a Rey at that Walgreens; if they'd had all three I probably would have gotten them all. Maybe I will nab Poe and order Rey on Amazon? They also had a Leia, though. Hmm. Well, next time I go to Walgreens I will evaluate my options. I do need toothpaste.)

So yeah, I guess this weekend was okay.

My therapist wants me to do some kind of memorial thing for Archie but everything in me is very much NO YOU CAN'T partly because if my parents ever found out they'd think I was totally unstable. Like, my mom is all "it's okay, you can cry!" right now but she has a strict time limit on being sad about a thing, and once you've passed it or you've exhausted your mom-mandated sadness energy she gets pissed off that you're hogging all the sad. And also, like. I don't even know what I'd do, and I just have so much shit to do right now that I can't afford to be weepy, and I sure as hell can't be weepy at work because while Paul's been understanding we have clients who are going through a lot and those conversations always go better when I can be sympathetic but calm and detatched and like, right now the client whose brother just died after about a thousand repeated horrible shitty things happening? If she starts crying I will cry too, and then she'll feel terrible. I can't do that. Also, on a practical level I keep fucking running out of kleenex.

Blah. I don't know.

The Undertale mob AU has been going splendidly despite the fact that I'm not totally sure where it's going right now. As I said on FFA, I'm enjoying the excuse to string a bunch of dumb jokes together and pretend it's a fic. I sat down and figured out everyone's ages in the AU today; they differ from the implied canon ages we have, mainly because I wanted Undyne to be a WWI veteran.

Just to set the record straight: it was a pigeon, not a chicken, and there was only one of 'em, and I wasn't there, and I don't know anything about it, and I have it on good authority that Papyrus was fifteen states away at the time. )



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