Jan. 19th, 2016

I'm feeling better.

Not actually good, but better. My feelings kind of scabbed over and I'm a little numb. I was a bit of a mess earlier today because the heat went out again just before I went to bed and I was just feeling kind of... hopeless. It appears to be back on now although I am not going to say "it's fixed" because what if I jinx it. Nope, it dropped ten degrees somehow. HOW COULD IT POSSIBLY HAVE DROPPED THAT FAST??? WTF? Oh well. I'll try the circuit breaker reset trick and text the guy tomorrow morning.

Anyway, I know that the universe isn't actually out to get me and I generally have taken comfort in the fact that the universe gives zero fucks about me but sometimes has a weird sense of humor (and it's my job to figure out the punchline) but I'm a little worn out and every dumb thing feels like the last straw. Eventually I will be okay.

Escapism does wonders. I came up with a totally ridiculous way to incorporate Gaster into the Undertale Mob AU and I'm not sure if it's genius or terrible or terrible genius but I'll withhold judgment for now. And I wrote more?

(I have also written a bit of Alphyne fluff in the same 'verse, although I'm stuck on it because my inner editor wants it to have PLOT and my id wants it to have SWING DANCING and I can't get my inner editor to stfu so I can write the dancing.)

I realize to the vast majority of you this is like, "argle bargle argle UNDERTALE argle bargle gibberish" but it makes me feel like at least I'm not doing nothing but complain here? I think this was a bad time to start trying to post every day.

Does anyone have any cheerful canon recs? Preferably something in a medium I can listen to/read/watch/play on a tablet, since my desktop needs repairs desperately and is in the coldest part of my apartment.

And here's more of the mob AU, starting from where I left off Sunday:

'You got any idea what these specific instructions are?' )



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