Jan. 7th, 2016

Gallifrey fic is a little over 10k now! Yay!

I didn't really write anything I'm comfortable sharing today -- not sure I've got the Rani's voice quite right and I'm also iffy because this latest scene is from the point of view of a Silurian policewoman. I like her a lot but I'm not sure she's alien enough. (She's not really meant to be that alien; she's that one-episode character who works with the heroes and is supposed to be pretty relateable, but I should make a vague try, you know.) I'm also a little iffy on how I'm writing Silurian society, because, okay, so, a.) the Silurians are canonically pretty varied by subspecies and apparently ~pure bloodlines~ are super important to them, so that says to me "shady hierarchical society shit is going on here maybe?" and b.) one of the staple plot devices of Doctor Who is The Space Miners Are Going On Strike And We Have To Help Them, so I figured I'd do stuff with class and their subspecies/bloodline stuff, but uh, I'm ...probably the exact wrong person to be writing about class (or race), especially for a British fandom, because I only know US classism and I only know it from the privileged perspective and yeah.

(Okay, I've written about class in the Middle Ages in my HP stuff but it's the Middle Ages, there are no serfs anymore. And also a lot of it has been easy because Rowena is so comically clueless about anything outside of her little bubble of academia and nobility and politics. I've got a scene in stuff I'm working on now where she and Godric are interviewing an agricultural wizard because Helga's still in prison for treason and someone needs to teach Herbology, and Rowena is extremely shaky on the concept of crop rotation, and poor Godric and the interviewee are both like "wait aren't you supposed to be smart? everyone said you were smart!" I should also clarify that this makes her an incredibly lousy ruler, although to be fair she delegates the actual running of her land a lot, mostly to people who she thinks know what they're doing and can actually stand to spend a lot of time there. MY POINT IS, it's not the same and a lot of it is inspired by Dumb Shit I Have Done, as a lot of minor Rowena things are. Not the major ones, obviously, I've never accidentally gotten any of my BFFs thrown in prison for treason and my mother does not rule an empire with an iron fist unless by "empire" you mean "house" and by "iron fist" you mean "ineffectual shouting" and by "rule" you mean ...something other than that. She is not doing so well lately, my mom. I'm worried about her, to be honest.)

BLAH BLAH BLAH anyway I'm a little anxious about my writing, there will doubtless be a lot of editing that will probably add at least 2k words to the bastard before I'm done with it.

What else happened today? Oh! I found my long underwear. That was nice. Tomorrow I will be warm!

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